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  American Made Art_Art_  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Philippe Faraut Sculpting Instruction •  Philippe & Charisse Faraut are committed to creating specialty sculpting educational materials and bronzes. All tools and casts are designed and made locally at their Honeoye studio. They also oversee the quality of their books and DVD production  • 03/09/2011 • [180]

  American Made BusinessBusiness  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Catalog of Catalogs For Business Resources •  An Information resource for small businesses, business start-ups, Catalogs and information packets of business related start-ups, mail order, homebased, supplies, Dropship Wholesale equipment and a gateway to business expansion tools.  • 09/28/2005 • [201]

  • Team Buidling and Organizational Development •  Fusion Associates designs innovative corporate team building programs to maximize team effectiveness and engaging training programs and assessment tools to help develop high performance individuals. Visit our site today!  • 04/27/2006 • [172]

  • Project Management Software •  Business Software Land - the unique program decisions for your business: databases tools, accounting software, databases software, business software  • 03/20/2009 • [156]

  • Job search •  JobOfMine - user-friendly job search website. Sophisticated job search tools to optimize the process for job seekers and recruiters.  • 08/13/2009 • [166]

  • Cleaning cards for all credit card terminals •  Castle six Mfgs cleaning cards and tools for all data collecting equipment. Transit, Gaming, Hotels, Restaurants, Banking, Vending, Govt, Retail, Airlines etc  • 08/01/2011 • [144]

  American Made CampingCamping  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • DOG TAGS - For uses you never thought of... •  Tag that camping gear! tents, back packs, tools, keys, etc. Weatherproof tags for many purposes, personal, medical, bikers, pets, and more ways than you ever dreamed. Visit this new site for exciting applications.  • 01/23/1997 • [834]

  American Made ClothingClothing  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Norton's U.S.A. •  Norton's U.S.A. sells ONLY American Made Products! American made toys, American made clothing, American made kitchen utensils, American made Infant wear, American made jewelry, American handbags, American made tools, American made beauty supplies, American made Halloween, American made Christmas, American made pet supplies, American made wallets  • 09/04/2011 • [957]

  • toolshed sports •  High performance apparel made by the pros, for the pros. 100% American Made. Worn by over 24 Major League baseball teams.  • 11/15/2011 • [185]

  American Made CollectablesCollectables  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Elderly Luxury Products, Senior Fitness Equipment •  ElderLuxe provides luxury products for the elite elder which includes mobility products, fitness equipment, sport, spa, home accessories and helpful tools, all engineered and designed for today's senior citizens.  • 05/14/2007 • [331]

  American Made ComputersComputers  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • MS Access Wizard tools •  Microsoft Access Development tools designed to save you time and increase your productivity!  • 01/17/2000 • [255]

  • Various shareware downloads •  Shareware downloads - Cookie and disk cleanup tools, screensaver creators and makers, image converters and thumbnail creators, screensavers, spy software and screen capture tools, system and print utilities, and more.  • 03/04/2000 • [264]

  • Free search engine marketing, tools and articles - •  Free online search engine marketing, download free seo tools, read great articles about search engine optimization and other online marketing related themes  • 01/14/2007 • [156]

  • Audio Freeware & Shareware Programs •  All-in-one audio and multimedia application collection. Includes multimedia creation tools, encoders and decoders, data CD-DVD burners and recorders, media management and other multimedia tools.  • 09/29/2008 • [129]

  • System Utilities Software •  Free download shareware version of a system utilities software, registry tools and other system maintenance software for Windows; software with screenshots, descriptions and contact details.  • 02/04/2009 • [131]

  American Made CraftsCrafts  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Papertole Kits •  Paper tole specialist, 800 kits with Full instructions, supplies, tools, online secure ordering  • 04/03/2000 • [282]

  • SolarAnvil •  SolarAnvil woodworking is a one man operation dedicated to making fine woodworking and stained glass artwork. One of the guiding philosophies that SolarAnvil Woodworking adheres to is to utilize traditional joinery technique, rather than screws or nails, on all of its wood products.  • 10/18/2009 • [155]

  • The Basket Maker's Catalog •  From handmade white oak basket handles, leather basket handles, gourds, glue, Weave-Rite tools, chair caning tools and more you'll find many made in the USA products at The Basket Maker's Catalog.  • 01/10/2011 • [146]

  • •  All our products are made in our shop in Nevada, Tx. USA. We make things like 3D Carved Fireplace Mantels , Wooden Crosses, etc.  • 03/01/2011 • [151]

  American Made EducationEducation  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • PCS EDVENTURES! ENROLLMENT •  PCS Edventures!, innovative educational system combining Internet communication tools with hands-on projects with assessment for engineering, physics, architecture, chemistry, robotics, electricity, chess and more. PCS Edventures! offers projects suitab  • 12/06/1996 • [162]

  • Financial Freedom Products •  Six tools For Achieving Lifelong Financial Independence Show You How Kiss the Rat Race Goodbye and Get Completely FREE!  • 03/20/1998 • [146]

  American Made ElectronicsElectronics  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Samul lee •  Its a review site which gives complete information on Northern Tool. It has built tools for a wide variety of product lines including electronics and office machines. Northern Tool is the ultimate source of tools and equipment.  • 04/14/2007 • [490]

  American Made GiftsGifts  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Navajo hand made seed bead jewelry and arts •  Navajo hand made seed bead jewelry, gemstone tools, hand painted sandstone tiles, smudge fans and more. Free shipping.  • 09/05/2000 • [205]

  • Made in USA Products •  All the products on guaranteed to be made in USA. We have everything from tools to toys. "Do you want to bring America back? Buy America back!!"  • 02/07/2009 • [122]

  • Boone Industries, Inc. - Fine Furniture •  We create chairs, bench's, rocking chairs, and footstools for Universities, colleges, all branches of the military, chamber of commerce, hospitals, and coorpo  • 10/14/2009 • [118]

  • Splinters Woodworks •  We are a family owned/operated custom woodworking business located in beautiful Northwest Montana. All of our products are made with pride by Splinters Woodworks in West Glacier, Montana, USA, and carry the "Made in Montana" stamp of approval.  • 04/15/2010 • [111]

  • hand crafted wood gifts •  Our unique handcrafted wooden bookmarks have become popular in the top gift galleries in the USA. On our website you'll find the perfect American made gift for those hard to shop for on your list. If you appreciate fine woodworking then you'll love our products.  • 07/20/2010 • [95]

  • Black Forest Woodworks •  Black Forest Woodworks creates 3D relief carved images in solid hardwood using the latest woodworking technology. Expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality materials make each of our creations a lasting treasure. We design custom pieces  • 08/04/2010 • [114]

  American Made HardwareHardware  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • The ADDAHOOK •  Add-A-Hook is an innovative, patented product that provides a simple, convenient, and easy way to utilize storage space in your home or business garage. The Add-A-Hook is a specially designed storage solution for your garage or overhead door track! Add-A-Hook can be used for hanging tools, bicycles, electrical cords, water hoses, sports equipment,  • 03/23/2006 • [229]

  American Made HealthHealth  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Foot Stools •  Hospital / Doctors foot stools. The selection includes standard, heavy duty and with a handle. Home health, home health care, health, health care, care walkers, commodes, canes, crutches, bathroom safety products, and much more.  • 11/15/2007 • [91]

  American Made HomeHome  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Reproduction American Windsor chairs from Fallen Timber S... •  Handmade Windsor chairs in the traditional American style. Our chairs are made using 18th century Colonial tools and techniques. Custom inquiries welcome.  • 02/19/2000 • [153]

  • hand forged iron furniture, accessories •  Artfully designed and hand-made, Stone County Ironworks' makes beds, barstools, tables, lamps, chandeliers, sconces, candleholders, wine racks, pot racks, mirrors, coat racks, chairs, bath and kitchen hardware, shelving, benches, and more.  • 11/18/2004 • [226]

  • Counter Stools •  Richardson Seating manufactures its line of commercial restaurant counter stools in Chicago, IL. Choose from huge collection of Wood, Metal and Backless Counter Stools. We manufacturer quality Contemporary and Swivel Bar Stools.  • 11/25/2008 • [102]

  • NO SWEAT...get a grip! made in u.s.a. •  No Sweat Lotion keeps hands dry for hours. Use No Sweat to keep a firm grip on sporting goods, power tools, paint brushes, and much more. Great for athletes, construction workers, mechanics, military, hunters, medical supply industry, or anyone with this problem.  • 04/06/2009 • [161]

  • Henry's woodworking •  If it is made of wood we can make it. We make bedroom, dining room, bathroom, Bar Stools, Pub Tables.  • 10/20/2009 • [132]

  • dixie seating company •  Solid hardwood porch rockers, chairs, barstools and juvenile seating. Stained, painted or unfinished  • 05/10/2010 • [119]

  • Shelf Expressions •  Shelf Expressions website offers modular shelving, shoe racks, bookshelves, corner shelves, wall shelves, trade show displays, and much more. All products are solid wood, 100% MADE IS THE USA, and require NO tools. Shelf Expressions offers unique shelving options and creative storage solutions for every room in the home, office, apartment or dor  • 08/11/2011 • [111]

  American Made IndustrialIndustrial  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • New Method - Marking Machines •  Manufacturer of steel stamps, roll marking tools, automatic marking machines, manual, and high speed, in house engraving, and rotary and roll dies.  • 03/06/2007 • [88]

  • TOP CAT AIR tools •  Manufacturers of pneumatic tools. Grinders, Scaling hammers, chipping hammers and other air tools all made in Ohio.  • 02/07/2010 • [99]

  • Cascade Fire Equipment Company •  Manufacturer of high quality wildland firefighting equipment including custom made slip-on units, brush clothing, gear bags and packs, pumps, tanks, hose handling equipment, hand tools, drip torches and more.  • 07/13/2010 • [99]

  • HONSA ERGONOMIC tools •  Honsa Tools displays its Made in America industrial grade pneumatic powered and vibration reduced Ergonomic powered tools. Chipping Hammers, Riveters, Scalers and Grinding tools.  • 03/06/2011 • [100]

  • U.S. Industrial Coatings •  Industrial Epoxy and Urethane Coatings. Concrete, Steel, bridge and Roof coatings. Crack repair, Polymer cool roofing coatings.Under water Epoxies for Pools, Ships and storage tanks. Paint chips and application tools. Factory direct. All products Made  • 03/07/2011 • [90]

  • Matt Jewelry Design Products •  Du-Matt Corporation of Guttenberg, NJ has been producing Matt jewelry design products for over 35 years! Created by author, jeweler and teacher, Adolfo Mattiello these products include jewelers' carving waxes, tools and educational materials.  • 06/22/2011 • [168]

  • Spanwell Pneumatic tools •  Montana made industrial pneumatic tools and construction site safety equipment.  • 11/07/2011 • [95]

  American Made KidsKids  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Laffy Daffy Step Stools •  We design and build children's step stools that are safer for kids because they don't tip over. We were tired of our own kids falling because of unstable stools.  • 05/11/2010 • [83]

  American Made KitchenKitchen  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Super Peel •  Super Peel is the Cadillac of dough handling tools for the home baker. It was the 2005 Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen's recommended Baking Peel. Picking up and moving a sticky, floppy sheet of dough has never never so simple! For bread, pizza, pie, cake and cookie bakers.  • 09/20/2007 • [282]

  • Cutco Knives •  Fine kitchen knives made in the USA since 1949. (Garden tools and ice cream scoop not made in USA)  • 09/09/2010 • [169]

  • •  Selectool is the Master Sharpener - Sharpens Knives, tools, Scissors, Shears - even Cuts Glass and Tile. 100% manufactured in the USA, the Selectool is the easiest, fastest, most precise knife and tool sharpener you will find. LIFETIME WARRANTY!  • 10/18/2011 • [155]

  American Made MLM_MLM_  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Independent Home Business Owner! •  Free home based business. Free website. Free online business. Free MLM tools. Income opportunity  • 03/29/2005 • [23]

  American Made MiscellaneousMiscellaneous  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Samul lee •  Its a review site which gives complete information on Northern Tool. It has built tools for a wide variety of product lines including electronics and office machines. Northern Tool is the ultimate source of tools and equipment.  • 04/14/2007 • [490]

  • king of spades •  great landscaping tools that are made to last  • 07/17/2009 • [185]

  • super pro 4 •  the New SuperPRO's consists of two tools the Cutter PRO with grits of semi coarse and medium and the HonerPRO with grits of Fine and Ultra fine, The biggest advancement in sharpening in 100 years! SuperPro 4 Super edges 1-888-2EDGEMAN 1-888-233-4362  • 09/21/2010 • [327]

  • International Air Tool & Industrial Supply Co. •  San Diego, CA based distributor of Ingersoll Rand American made air tools, pumps and hoists. We sell and service pneumatic grinders, impact wrenches, needle scalers, air hoists, parts and pretty much any other Ingersoll Rand tool, fluid, or material  • 07/12/2011 • [150]

  • Barn Yard Products •  We are proud to feature America Made Products from small business owners across the USA. Featuring garden and farm supply and tools and more.  • 09/08/2011 • [240]

  • Koetter woodworking, Inc. •  Family owned manufacturer of architectural mouldings, doors, stair parts, and cabinet components.  • 10/12/2011 • [141]

  American Made MusicMusic  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Music supplies •  EVERYTHING we sell is totally made in the USA.We refuse to import any products from outside our country. We sell music teaching supplies, book holders, transposing tools, chorld charts, educational games, dictionaries, rubber stamps, music note stickers for guitar and keyboard. Piano supplies, page holders, staff and manuscript paper, violin finger  • 07/28/2005 • [182]

  • Mucho Fino •  We offer a large selection of violin fittings, parts, accessories and tools. Many are rare and unusual. Sets, chinrests, pegs, bridges, sound posts, strings, rosin and more.  • 03/25/2011 • [78]

  American Made ServicesServices  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Hurst Rescue Systems Jaws Of Life (cutters, extrication t... •  Hurst Jaws of Life rescue tools are the first name in hydraulic rescue. Used by fire, police, rescue, and military personnel worldwide, Hurst Jaws of Life hydraulic rescue tools have proven themselves in thousands of rescue applications from automobile,  • 05/15/1997 • [209]

  • HTML Toolbox - Power tools for you website •  Nearly 5% of links on the Web are broken! Don't let this happen to you. Our HTML Toolbox service keeps your site in top shape. Test your links, your HTML, your page load time and more  • 04/27/2000 • [77]

  • Streaming Media •  Streaming media products and web tools.  • 12/29/2005 • [77]

  American Made SportsSports  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Holdzit lubricating sheath •  lubricated sheath stops hand tools from rusting, comfort products protect hands and equipment  • 03/22/1998 • [144]

  • Mid-Iowa Machine - Reloading Accessories •  Mid-Iowa Machine offers many different shooting and reloading accessories. From tools for reloading to add-ons for your shotgun.  • 11/12/2010 • [72]

  • Divix Golf •  GOLF tools & ACCESSORIES. MADE IN USA  • 09/20/2011 • [86]

  American Made ToolsTools  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Stride Tool's •  Made In America Video Stride Tool is proud to participate with Wal*Mart in their Made in America Campaign. As part of this campaign, Stride Tool produced a 30 second video.  • 11/29/1996 • [552]

  • DOG TAGS - For uses you never thought of... •  Tag those tools! jackets, back packs, tool boxes, keys, etc. Weatherproof tags for many purposes, personal, medical, bikers, pets, and more ways than you ever dreamed. Visit this new site for exciting applications.  • 01/23/1997 • [834]

  • Swan Secure Products •  Swan Secure Products was established in 1981 to manufacture and distribute stainless steel and non-ferrous nails and screws of the highest quality. The site gives you important building information.  • 03/17/1997 • [248]

  • Harbor Freight tools •  Great Tools, Low prices, and large selection. Most are imported, but a few good items are still Made in USA.  • 08/18/1997 • [448]

  • Hurst Jaws of Life Rescue tools •  Jaws of Life rescue tools and airbags for the emergency services and fire services  • 10/31/1997 • [209]

  • Hale Pumps •  Truck mounted and portable pumps for the fire service. Compressed air foam systems and foam proportioning systems for the fire service.  • 10/31/1997 • [238]

  • WheelAround Lawn Garden Cart •  The most versatile all steel lawn, garden and utility cart on the market. Easy on back and knees as it is pulled. Use with or without a container. Three wheeled design makes it extremely stable. Hangs on wall for storage. Portable. 250 pound capacity. B  • 02/24/1999 • [249]

  • Miter Band Saw •  Miter band saw with swiveling head to cut angles. Some convert from a horizontal bandsaw to a vertical band saw.  • 05/13/1999 • [281]

  • Advanced Racing Technologies, Inc. •  manufacture and custom designers or portable laser and electronic suspension alignment equipment for motorsports and automotive inducstry.  • 05/23/1999 • [320]

  • Unique garden tools and plant supports •  Soil Scoop- all purpose digging garden tool Angle Weeder- three weeders in one English Y-Stakes- easiest plant supports available  • 09/24/1999 • [223]

  • Bionic Wrench •  Innovative new plier/wrench hybrid that combines the simple adjustability of a pliers with a never before seen six sided grip on nuts and bolts.  • 05/06/2005 • [453]

  • Severance Tool Industries, Inc. •  We are a manufacture of Chatterless Countersinks, Tube Deburring tools, Burrs, Stop Countersink Cutters, Carbide Hand Files, Specialty Tooling.  • 05/13/2005 • [275]

  • Channellock •  tools and pliers of all kinds  • 05/29/2005 • [322]

  • Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock •  Ultimate in Ladder Safety and Security for Contractors, Builders, Electricians, Telecommunication Companies. It attaches to most any Ladder Rack, Roof Rack or Truck Rack. Protect your ladders from Theft, Cross-Winds and Accidents. The Sure Way to Lock Your Ladders. Patent No. 5918488  • 07/31/2005 • [190]

  • Saf-T-Lite portable shop lights •  Portable fluorescent work lights including the Stubby, Stubby II, and The Lite on cord or retractable cord reel. Power supply reels and Multi-Tap extension cords are also a specialty. Tough products made with pride in USA!  • 08/02/2005 • [264]

  • The Stay On Strap •  This products helps keep cords in a neat and organized manner. The innovation is that the strap stays attched to the cord so there is no time wasted looking around for the strap when its time to put it away  • 09/07/2005 • [234]

  • Rotary Broaching Tool •  Welcome to the world of rotary broaching, an exclusive, fast and accurate method of producing internal and external hexes, squares, serrations and other forms using rotary broaches on a workpiece while the machine spindle is rotating.  • 12/22/2005 • [226]

  • Stump Grinder •  Made in the USA using an ergonomic design, the Praxis Stump Machine is a well-balanced stump grinder. Its oval shaped handle gives the Stump Machine added stability and provides ease of operation and maneuverability. The patented blade features 12 full sized tungsten carbide teeth which are a harder grade carbide for longer usage and may be changed  • 05/31/2006 • [239]

  • " Workbench" •  Welcome to! Finally there's a real American made workbench available that makes sense! We've designed and created a multipurpose, sturdy, built to last heavy-duty workbench, perfect for the garage or wood shop.  • 11/03/2006 • [457]

  • Gunsmithing tools, accurizing tools, etc,  •  Accurizing Kits, Inletting compunds, hammers, etc.  • 11/28/2006 • [155]

  • Phoenix Rescue tools •  For twenty five years we have manufactured Quality Hydraulic Rescue Tools. Spreaders, Cutters, Combination tools, Rams and Power units. All designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S. All of our raw materials are provided by U.S. company's  • 01/19/2007 • [141]

  • Image Converter Plus online help •  ImageConverter Plus is the professional image converter (photo converter) for personal usage and business purposes. It's the professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance  • 02/23/2007 • [101]

  • Handi-Straps •  This product is a lifting apparatus designed to increase lifting capacity while decreasing threat of injury. Already used by EMS, FD's, Police and Military.  • 05/09/2007 • [135]

  • Myka Guitars - Handcrafted Custom Guitars •  Myka Guitars specializes in handcrafted custom guitars made in the USA with quality USA made components. Only top quality materials are used. All instruments are made by hand by David Myka in Seattle, WA USA.  • 05/11/2007 • [130]

  • MagEyes magnifiers •  Magnifiers offering head mounted, hands free comfortable usage while providing High Grade, Optical Quality lenses free of distortion or irregularites. Carving, wood turning, fly tying, hobbies, crafts, business, reading fine print, etc.  • 08/16/2007 • [312]

  • Andy's Roll Covers •  Cylinder roller impact protection for anilox, gravure, rubber, chill, rotary dies, and other rolls related to the print, packaging, impression, medical, paper products and similar flexo related industries.  • 08/23/2007 • [174]

  • The Barrel Blaster •  The Barrel Blaster is a bead blasting cabinet. It is a great tool for removing paint and rust from steel and cast iron. It is so unique, it's patented.  • 09/08/2007 • [123]

  • tool and knife sharpeners •  manual diamond knife and tool sharpeners for hunting, fishing, woodworking, kitchen use, gardeningall types of uses.  • 09/21/2007 • [387]

  • CNC Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Cutter •  Hotwire Direct supplies hot wire CNC foam cutters that are designed and manufactured in the USA. Get the best equipment and the best service.  • 04/28/2008 • [110]

  • TalonHooks pegboard hooks •  Tool holders for pegboards that absolutely won't fall off! Made of strong nylon, seven styles available. So unique they're patented. Injection molded and packaged in the USA.  • 04/28/2008 • [158]

  • Crimpmaker PEX crimping tools •  Compact copper ring ring crimping tools for PEX plumbing  • 05/14/2008 • [114]

  • Dig Rig Shovel •  Dig Rig Shovel is a shovel that has the new Dig Rig attached to it to provide more comfort while digging.  • 05/16/2008 • [139]

  • QPI tools / Bully Tools •  American made professional-grade demolition tools, shingle removers, flooring material removers, lawn and garden tools and landscaping tools. The best your American dollars can buy!  • 06/03/2008 • [141]

  • PivotLok •  The PivotLok is a self locking ball positioner that can mounted on a work bench or a pedestal. It is used to securely locate a workpiece in just the right place.  • 07/10/2008 • [130]

  • Wristwriter •  Scrolling wrist mounted note pad with pencil and water resistant paper. Kit includes extra velcro like pads for attaching tape measure or cell phone. Perfect for those who consider time management critical in producing results by reducing steps.  • 08/10/2008 • [158]

  • Custom Engraved Channellock tools •  Custom Engraved with Your Logo or Personalized with Your Name, Company, Organization, or Union. Hand Tools such as pliers, wrenches, and end cutters made and engraved in the USA  • 09/12/2008 • [121]

  • Bionic Wrench - Bionic Grip - Bit Dr. - Immix •  100% American Made - Award Winning Products! Bionic Wrench - Award Winning Adjustable Wrench Bionic Grip - Award Winnning Adjustable Pliers Bit Dr. 21  • 10/15/2008 • [453]

  • klein tools •  A leading manufacturer of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment, Klein Tools product line has grown to include virtually ever  • 10/30/2008 • [266]

  • Occidental Leather Tool Belts •  Since 1980, Occidental has designed and crafted the finest tool belt systems for the professional builder. Being the largest manufacturer of American Made tool belts, all our tool bags, pouches, and belts are made in Sonoma County, California.  • 11/18/2008 • [133]

  • American Made Specialty tools •  Unique tools that make your resto or performance work easier. We only sell quality American made tools. No cheap imports.These are "Gotta Have Items!"  • 11/23/2008 • [239]

  • August Moon Cutlery •  Reseller of USA MADE pocket knives. Highly collectible and usable pocket knives made in Pennsylvania. 100% Domestic parts and labor.  • 01/07/2009 • [174]

  • Small Shop Hold & Fold Photo Etch Bending tools •  US Manufacturer's of the complete product line of The Small Shop. Hold & Fold Photo Etch Bending tools, folding blades, Photo Etch Rolling sets, T  • 01/12/2009 • [83]

  • Welders Chipping Hammer •  We manufacture a variety of chipping hammers for welders. Wood handle models are made from Tennessee Hickory. Our coil handle models are built in Michigan  • 02/23/2009 • [116]

  • The Bone Creeper •  Big wheeled mechanics creepers that are 100% American made! Rolls over the competition!  • 03/04/2009 • [144]

  • Ruger firearms •  Sturm, Ruger, and Company firearms (revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and many accessories) are all manufactured in the US.  • 03/14/2009 • [155]

  • Arizona tools •  Offering a large selection of quality automotive tools and contractor supplies, ranging from hand & power tools to shop & safety equipment, al  • 04/04/2009 • [185]

  • Diggit •  Stainless steel weeding toolguaranteed for life. The Diggit 2 was developed by a mechanical engineer to withstand all conditions. Will not rust, bend  • 05/13/2009 • [126]

  • Plumbatube •  Plumbatube is a concrete form tool designed to keep concrete tubular forms plumb and square to each other as well as to a proposed or existing structu  • 06/30/2009 • [216]

  • Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier •  Unique hand tool for lifting & carrying plywood, drywall and other large, heavy sheet goods from the top using only one arm. This safe, easy panel  • 08/17/2009 • [116]

  • Megapro screwdrivers •  Megapro screwdrivers have a patented pullout bit cartridge and easy access to 14 different screwdriver tips. It also has a palm saving cap, easy to grip handle and EZ guide collar. We make it Every Bit Better so you can too!  • 10/14/2009 • [185]

  • Hooke 'N Crooke Garden Tool, Weeder, Hoe •  This tool is so versatile it almost makes weeding fun. Now you can stand up while doing the precision weeding around plants and in those tight spots w  • 10/15/2009 • [131]

  • Picture-Plumb •  Picture-Plumb (R) The original picture hanging tool. Tool marks the precise hanger nail location the first time, every time. Anything you want to hang on the wall will hang right where you want it!  • 10/16/2009 • [105]

  • Enviromo...more than a name, it's a CONCEPT! •  After years of digging by hand or renting a sod-cutter to install sod I remembered seeing a yard mowed with the blade installed upside down! The owner  • 12/13/2009 • [109]

  • speedsand •  speedsand is the first & only orbital sander disc applicator.Speedsand applys sanding disc to the sander quickly by aligning the holes on the sander with the pins on speedsand  • 01/04/2010 • [102]

  • E-Z Sharp •  E-Z Sharp is a drill bit sharpening jig that attaches to your bench grinder. It helps you restore the proper cutting edge to your dull drill bits. Very easy to use.  • 01/08/2010 • [142]

  • Laptop Reins •  A harness made in the USA that supports a laptop / notebook computer over a user's shoulders placing the laptop comfortably in front of the user. Does not block critical ventilation, cable ports, or cd drives.  • 01/13/2010 • [129]

  • A-Plus Equine Products Inc. •  Fine Tines Stall Forks were made for cleaning horse stalls but they have been found to be a useful tool for llamas, sheep, and goats as well as for ga  • 01/17/2010 • [112]

  • American made, eco-friendly and truly tuff tools •  Handcrafted American made garden hoe. Strength-welded American steel and eco-friendly bamboo and recyced hardwood American made laminate turned handle  • 02/19/2010 • [148]

  • KME Sharpeners •  KME Sharpeners is located in Newton, NJ. We manufacture Knife and Broadhead Sharpeners. All of our parts and stones are Made in the USA. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our products.  • 02/23/2010 • [119]

  • AmeriQuip Eagle •  Welcome to AmeriQuip! AmeriQuip Eagle, LLC, in Calvert City, Kentucky, is the industry leader in marketing and manufacturer of the toughest, most dura  • 02/24/2010 • [131]

  • •  The home of the Accu-Strap Product Line. The only PVC precision liquid level gauging instrument that can be called unbreakable, chemically resistant and also carries a limited one year replacement warranty.  • 04/02/2010 • [116]

  • easycoper •  Manufactures tools that allow a people to use a jigsaw to cope molding. EasyCoper for crown molding and BaseCoper for baseboards.  • 04/12/2010 • [113]

  • Vermette Machine Co. Inc. •  Portable material handling lifts, used in the HVAC, Sheet Metal, Food Service, Music, Refrigeration and many other industries.  • 05/01/2010 • [96]

  • Valley Oak tools •  Valley Oak Tool Company offers wheel hoes, cultivators, furrowers & accessories for weed-free ecological gardening. No herbicides or fossil fuels needed.  • 05/03/2010 • [137]

  • Wyeth-Scott Co. •  The More Power Puller has been mfg. in Newark, OH since 1934. Aka: cable puller, hand winch or come-along. It is made of SOLID thick IRON and comes with up to 35 feet of 5/16 cable or synthetic rope. 2 and 3 ton capacities.  • 05/19/2010 • [165]

  • StiltMate •  The StiltMate is a versatile tool for trades using stilts, scaffolding, man-lifts and extension ladders. Keep your tools and supplies within easy reach, creating a safer and more efficient workplace.  • 05/21/2010 • [135]

  • Bucketmortarmixer •  Tool for mixing mortar in a bucket.  • 05/26/2010 • [97]

  • The Harry J. Epstein Co. •  We are a wholesale tool company that sells American made hand tools. We've been in business for 80 years. Every item in our store is marked by a country of origin flag so you know exactly where it comes from.  • 05/27/2010 • [209]

  • T-Point Lift •  T-point lift, 3-point hitch system for your truck, jeep, SUV, UTV or ATV into a real work horse. Grading roads and driveways, plowing snow, planting feed plots or any other small planting or cultivating task can now be done without a tractor.  • 07/08/2010 • [172]

  • •  KatieJig System of tools woodworking tools Make perfect dovetails right out of the box! Easy to Use.  • 08/05/2010 • [110]

  • ROCKHARDSOLID LLC •  I sell only 100% Made in America products. My inventory consists mostly of knives and tools at this time but I hope to expand the varity in my catalog as time passes.  • 08/14/2010 • [161]

  • Electrical Safety Products •  Insulated 1000v hand tools 100% made in the USA. The highest quality tools in the world at the absolute lowest prices creating the best value in the industry  • 08/26/2010 • [124]

  • Super Rope Cinch •  Super Rope Cinch. Never tie or untie a knot again.  • 08/27/2010 • [151]

  • kirby •  kirby is the worlds best vacuum. It has 120 lbs of suction vs other store vacuum have 30 to 50 lbs of suction. you can't buy it from a store. you have to buy it from a dealer like me.  • 09/12/2010 • [139]

  • •  Precision tools, Framing Squares, tape Measures, Saw Blades, Jig Saw Blades, Levels & More!  • 09/24/2010 • [176]

  • •  Manufacturer of unique worker comfort tools; the Tuff-Ox Shoulder Pad, and material handling carts  • 10/05/2010 • [150]

  • CrazyCrusher •  Hand Operated jaw crusher for crushing ore and rock.  • 10/21/2010 • [110]

  • Worlds Best Clamp •  We sell the versatile Jack Clamp. This clamp will do what other clamps can't. All made in the USA.  • 11/02/2010 • [180]

  • TaskHorse Sawhorse Brackets •  TaskHorse Sawhorse Brackets are the innovative approach to assembling, utilizing, transporting, and storing sawhorse brackets. Proudly manufactured in the USA.  • 11/13/2010 • [123]

  • Badger Clamp - DIY hand tools •  The Badger Clamp is an ideal DIY tool as an anchor for rigging operations (vertical or horizontal) and as a tool for positioning and holding building materials. It provides a quick, temporary or permanent means of attachment for hanging, lifting or p  • 12/06/2010 • [166]

  • Pacific Custom Workbenches •  Custom Workbenches build for your home or workshop  • 01/10/2011 • [146]

  • Hang-Mate Products •  Teachers, Librarians, Business Owners: We have invented an answer to the problem of hanging things overhead without the use of a ladder. The Hang-Mate, a retracting reel(containing American Made steel)is applied to ceilings with a pole and specialize  • 01/20/2011 • [295]

  • DeHaus, Inc. •  Manufacturer and Retailer of Performance Work Gear products for the discriminating tradesman. At Dehaus we are committed to generating a product that has been created, designed and manufactured with excellence right here in the USA.  • 02/15/2011 • [189]

  • Pipe-Tytes, manufacturer of plumbing supplies. •  We manufacture in Florida, plumbing products such as Toilet Kart, Metal Stud Punch, plastic insulators for metal studs, suspension clamps and pipe clamps. Phone: 1-800-325-8739, Fax: 1-866-576-6200. Email:  • 02/16/2011 • [317]

  • Tie down Strap Sack •  The Strap Sack allows the user to secure the excess strapping during use without tying knots, and prevents flapping or dragging. The Strap Sack also stores the entire tie down and ratchet so no more tangling with other types of tie downs.  • 02/18/2011 • [112]

  • •  Mortar Pumps  • 03/04/2011 • [100]

  • Scientific Cutting tools •  SCT is a manufacturer of precision-ground carbide cutting tools. Products include boring bars, groove tools, thread mills and porting tools.  • 03/07/2011 • [151]

  • Baldhead Metal Cabinets •  Baldhead Cabinet Company specializes in designing and manufacturing premium metal cabinetry for both commercial and residential markets. Products include high-end, quality crafted, modular tool and storage units, cabinets, and work benches that are t  • 03/09/2011 • [131]

  • The Lawn Caddy •  The Lawn Caddy can hold your drink, shovel, rake, hoe and even your golf clubs. This will save you from constantly having to bend over to pick them up.  • 03/15/2011 • [158]

  • Monkeyrack Products LLC •  The Monkeyrack is an exclusive American made product of Monkeyrack Products LLC in Bradenton, Florida. The Monkeyrack is a ladder stabilizer that attaches directly to a 2 inch receiver hitch and your 1A Industrial grade ladder to provide ultimate lad  • 03/25/2011 • [138]

  • Origin Laser tools •  The world's finest laser tools for the construction industry: designed, manufactured, and assembled in America.  • 03/30/2011 • [125]

  • Capital Tool & Safety Supply •  Distributor of the finest ANERICAN MADE industrial tools and safety supplies.  • 04/04/2011 • [140]

  • •  Nail Jack tools just completed the move to being Made in the USA this month! It wasn't cheap and it wasn't easy, but it is WORTH it!  • 04/11/2011 • [159]

  • King Tool Inc. •  Specialty hand tools, carbide tipped scribes, flexible mirrors and magnets, utility pick sets, light instruments, soapstone holdersand tip drills made in the USA by US citizens in Bozeman, MT.  • 04/28/2011 • [195]

  • Diamond Northern •  Distributor of Benner Nawman rebar tools, manufactured in Wickenburg, Arizona  • 06/01/2011 • [111]

  • •  We manufacture a ring knife, which is a utility knife that is worn on your finger like a ring. This saves time and annoyance when performing multiple tasks that require cutting. Our knives have a blade made of heat-treated steel, and a aluminum band  • 06/02/2011 • [163]

  • •  Morse Reciprocating saw blades, Norseman drill bits, Brilliant abrasive cutting wheels & abrasive grinding all made in the USA Fast service and shipping satisfaction guaranteed Thanks  • 06/09/2011 • [149]

  • Lie-Nielsen Toolworks •  Today we make over 50 types of planes, saws, spokeshaves, chisels, floats and more. We have improved and refined designs, and use better materials like Ductile Iron and Manganese Bronze for castings and cryogenically treated A-2 Tool Steel for the bl  • 06/17/2011 • [191]

  • Wenzloff & Sons •  Wenzloff and Sons makes some of the highest quality hand saws in the industry and they are made in America.  • 06/17/2011 • [153]

  • Isela •  Creator and manufacturer of Tweezeprobe(TM).  • 07/17/2011 • [109]

  • Mastercut Tool Corp. •  Mastercut Tool Corp., high quality cutting tools, made in Safety Harbor, Fl for 25+ years. To include rotary, woodworking, hobbyist and dental lab burs.  • 08/01/2011 • [140]

  • Hang-Mate Products •  Hang items from ceilings and walls without the use of a ladder or chair. The Hang-Mate contains a retracting reel that lofts your items to the ceiling for you.  • 08/07/2011 • [295]

  • toolhangerz, ltd. •  Wire display and storage racks for power tool storage and organization. Racks are customized to work on pegboards, slatwall and wire gridwall. They are powder coated and made of heavy duty wire for long lasting use.  • 08/13/2011 • [107]

  • Emerson Knives •  Knives that are 100% made in the USA  • 08/29/2011 • [159]

  • Scotty Peeler, Inc. - Label removal tools •  Whether you are a distributor, a label manufacturer, a marketing and promotional company, a hospital, the fields of healthcare, retail sales, publishing, automotive, or simply an individual user, Scotty Peeler has the product that will suit your needs. We are the original label peeler company and we pride ourselves in offering a quality American  • 09/22/2011 • [119]

  • •  Plumbatube concrete forming tool to help in the installation of concrete tubular forms, keeping them plumb and square while pouring concrete. Plumbatube's are reusable.  • 09/28/2011 • [216]

  • Brogun Inc. •  Tape Gun Belt  • 09/28/2011 • [86]

  • Safety Smart Gear •  Cyalume Industrial Grade Glow Sticks Made In USA  • 09/30/2011 • [85]

  • ToolyRoo and Possum Handy Pouches •  These special pouches were designed to hold all accessories needed for any given corded tool you might use so you never have to waste time and money on a frustrating search again!  • 10/07/2011 • [113]

  • TapeBuddy.Net •  Drywall Taping Tool made in Ohio, USA.  • 10/11/2011 • [100]

  • MK Diamond Products •  Tile saws Stone saws Masonry saws Concrete saws Core drill rigs  • 10/12/2011 • [107]

  • Imperial blades •  Top quality replacement blades for oscillating tools at the best price. Our products are made from the highest quality materials for professional grade performance and the longest service life.  • 10/13/2011 • [104]

  • The Dry good store •  We manufacture and sell farm oriented products such as gardinia plants and masonry line blocks.We use american wood and american craftsmen.  • 10/14/2011 • [120]

  • Hugs Safety •  HUGSafety is a Hispanic American, veteran-owned small business with more than 30 years experience in the construction and roofing industries. We produced quality roof top Guardrail Systems (HUGS) and other fall protection/prevention safety hardware for the construction and roofing industries since 2005.  • 10/25/2011 • [109]

  • The Copper Extractor •  Website selling wire strippers made in America by Americans  • 11/06/2011 • [138]

  • The Modified Square •  Multi-purpose squaring tool designed with four 90 degree angles. American made by an American Inventor.  • 11/08/2011 • [147]

  • American Made Drill Bits (.com) •  American Made Drill Bits, an industrial supply and cutting tool store, was established so the general public could buy the same high quality drill bits and cutting tools that many manufacturers use today. All drill bits and cutting tools are made in America.  • 11/08/2011 • [224]

  • Stor-Loc •  Heavy duty tool storage. Made by American craftsmen in the USA.  • 11/08/2011 • [150]

  • Iso-Tip •  Cordless Electrical Soldering Irons  • 11/09/2011 • [112]

  • Harrington tools •  Along with its line of professional tools, the Harrington Tool Group has had tremendous success with its full line of competitively priced, high quality home-owner tools which have become one of the most requested brands in the industry.  • 11/12/2011 • [212]

  American Made ToysToys  Made in USA: 'woodworking+tools' Made in USA
  • Kids Go! Travel Game •  The Kids Go! Travel Game makes getting there a breeze for kids AND parents! Play the game as your child follows your route on this specialized map you create! The game includes a reward system for good behavior! The Kids Go!Travel Game gives your child the tools they need to cope with the duration of the journey because he/she can "see" -  • 12/15/2007 • [138]

  • Name Puzzles and Puzzle Stools •  We specialize in handcrafted wooden name puzzles and name puzzle stools. All of my puzzles are individually designed using 1/2 inch maple wood. We han  • 02/10/2008 • [129]

  • America's Business to Consumers •  Largest Shopping mall featuring tools, Toys, Camping, Household, Pet and many other American made products.  • 07/29/2008 • [154]

  • Toys Made in USA •  All the products are guaranteed to be made in USA. We have everything from tools to toys. "Do you want to bring America back? Buy America back!!"  • 02/07/2009 • [153]

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