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  American Made Art_Art_  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Summer Snow Art Pictures made in the USA •  We are a family business bringing you American made art and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our pictures are sealed with acrylic to enhance the art, reduce glare and resist moisture. This process eliminates the need for glass. Once you have placed one of these pictures on your wall, you will never want glass again. To Clean - Simply wash with a  • 04/10/2006 • [431]

  • Scottsdale Art Factory •  We are the largest handmade in America furniture, door, lighting and hardware manufacturer in America. We specialize in high end artistic furnishings. this is our ninth decade of handcrafting our products in Scottsdale Arizona. We have trained this work force through our old fashioned apprentice system.  • 12/05/2007 • [357]

  • Studio Products •  Studio Products is your source for hard-to-find art materials. All paints and painting mediums from Studio Products are traditional, made by skilled American artisans in the USA.  • 03/02/2010 • [210]

  • Kettle River Ironworks •  Kettle River Ironworks is a family owned business nestled in the Northwoods of Minnesota. We specialize in decorative metalwork and signs for your home and business. Since our beginning in June of 2003 we have been busy creating metal artwork that has been the delight of many discerning shoppers.  • 06/15/2010 • [220]

  • •  Native Florida ceramic sculptor, Pam Moody creates one of a kind, hand-built pieces that are highly detailed, realistic, whimsical, and beautiful! The clay and other materials used to make her art are all manufactured in the USA!  • 01/28/2011 • [180]

  • Fence Fish •  Fence Fish made from recycled yard wastemade from palm tree husks.  • 03/01/2011 • [169]

  • Photography Studio Backdrops •  Welcome to our online photography store in USA. We stock largest collection of backdrops, studio lighting equipment and accessories.  • 05/20/2011 • [206]

  • Chroma Key backgrounds •  Chromakey store provides high quality chroma key Backdrops, software Stands and lighting accessories at best price.  • 05/20/2011 • [183]

  American Made AutomotiveAutomotive  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • BMW Made inAmerica •  BMW - Now Made in America. The first American-made BMW rolled off the assembly line Thursday, September 8, 1994 in the company's new $600 million facility. The official BMW of North America Web site. Learn about all BMW Series and models and find out where to find the closest BMW center.  • 10/29/1996 • [386]

  • Stainless Steel Hitch Balls •  Stainless Steel Hitch Balls made in the USA by skilled machinists. Lifetime Guarantee. The last one you will buy!  • 02/03/2008 • [176]

  • San Francisco Traffic School •  San Francisco Traffic School provides greatest driving skills and knowledge of all the driving techniques and driving laws in San Francisco Traffic. San Francisco Traffic School California is court approved that help clean your driving record.  • 04/15/2008 • [131]

  • Handy Headrest Hanger •  The Handy Headrest Hanger provides an alternative to using the car coat hooks that are installed by the manufacturer. The Handy Headrest Hanger mounts  • 01/05/2010 • [107]

  • The Car Cubby •  The Car Cubby provides storage space for 04-09 Prius in the carpeted area between the front seats, turning that unused space into a convenient place to store things within easy reach. The Car Cubby is made in the USA with 20-25% recycled material.  • 07/19/2010 • [178]

  • Auto Repair in Mesa, AZ - Automotive Engineering •  Automobile Education for Auto Repair Services, High Performance builds to everyday drivers, visit us to increase your Automotive knowledge.  • 08/04/2010 • [119]

  American Made BicyclesBicycles  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Full Suspension Comfort Tricycle or 3 wheeled bike •  All-terrain comfort full suspension tricycle designed for all terrain cycling. Electric motor options available to create your own suspension electric tadpole tricycle sometimes called a 3 wheeled bicycle.  • 02/17/2009 • [304]

  American Made BooksBooks  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Creative Alternatives For A Changing World •  Creative Alternatives For A Changing World shows you how to research and implement for yourself the many creative alternatives available in health, education, energy and agriculture that are currently ignored, ridiculed or condemned by world opinion.  • 03/20/1997 • [318]

  • Headlong Into Quicksand •  America's 225 year large Democracy is the world's record. Why? Can we keep it, where others failed? Already demoralized, decaying?  • 08/04/2005 • [240]

  American Made BusinessBusiness  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Tailored Label Products supplies Engineered Solutions •  TLP supplies high performance labels, including: UL/CSA; thermal transfer, dot matrix, and laser; Lexan nameplates; and labeling for harsh environments, rough surfaces, and lightly oiled surfaces.  • 09/09/1999 • [289]

  • Janus Roll Up Doors •  Commercial and Residential door sales, installation, and repair. Specializing in rollup doors and access controls. Aloha Doors also offers roof hatches and much more. Made and installed in the USA. Online product ordering available.  • 04/21/2005 • [199]

  • Lake Wylie Real Estate Agent •  Jennifer Douse, Real Estate Agent, licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina has a thorough knowledge of the region including South Charlotte, Lake Wylie, Clover, Fort Mill, Rock Hill and York.  • 05/23/2006 • [163]

  • Solar Billboard lighting systems •  Solar Billboard Lighting systems provide a affordable sustainable alternative to conventional lighting. Choose from stock or custom sized billboard and street lighting kits and Solar Lights at New York  • 05/17/2007 • [716]

  • Handcrafted Gas Lanterns-Green/Sustainable •  We are taking the lead in producing green, sustainable, beautiful copper gas and electric lighting products for both residential and commercial projects - our exquisitely handcrafted copper lanterns are inspired by history and green by design.  • 10/12/2007 • [321]

  • Dayspring Printing •  Get a fast, free quote on your next printing job. From one to one million pieces, our expert knowledge and serious service will make you look good. Well make you a hero.  • 06/02/2008 • [153]

  • Beneficiary Trust Lawyer Services with Maximum Eff •  Visit to find out about the best California trust attorneys that are always ready to work for your best resolution of your probate issues. Our professionals have their best interests in your success.  • 12/15/2009 • [151]

  • Authentic Location Souvenirs •  Exclusive manufacturer of souvenirs acknowledging where you've actually set foot in the U.S. Personalized keychains, custom keychains, designer keychains, novelty keychains, gifts and collectibles, collectible item, ad specialties, momento, memorabilia, souvenirs, keychains, novelties, etc.  • 04/27/2010 • [190]

  • Online Job Ad Postings •  Online Ad Posting Job. Earn online for ad posting job. Basic knowledge of computer. Assignment will be provided by us. Earn per Assignment. Make income of your choice. Earn a guaranteed income from first month with payment proof.  • 07/18/2010 • [117]

  • Nisar Ahmad •  Work at home typists needed now. Earn up to $2 per form filled. No selling or recruting required. Guaranteed income for all completed work Visit  • 08/07/2010 • [108]

  • Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer - Ftlauderdaledefe •  The criminal defense lawyers and attorneys at Perlet & Shiner, P.A, are highly specialized in criminal cases. They accept cases all over Broward, including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Hallandale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and South Florida. They provide legal representation for criminal cases and fight for your rights.  • 11/03/2011 • [147]

  American Made CampingCamping  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Rangerrob's Outdoor Magazine •  This is the home of the Mighty Rangerrob. My mission is to share my Northwest outdoor adventures. products. services and knowledge with you. in a fun and informative way. To always treat our visitors. and customers with trust and respect.  • 06/16/2005 • [215]

  • Surefire G2 Nitrolon Torch •  Most Surefire flashlights and batteries are made in USA. SureFire manufactures incandescent & led flashlight products and tactical lights. Find the world's finest compact high-intensity flashlights at SureFire.  • 03/16/2008 • [307]

  • Whistles For Life •  Quality Safety Whistles manufactured and assembled in the USA. 120 Decibel Tri-Powered sound gets you heard in life threatening situations. This is not a toy, but a tool to give you the best chance of being rescued by search and rescue personnel. Supplier to US Forest Service.  • 03/03/2010 • [200]

  • Patriot Bio Products Inc. •  Patio torch fuel made from renewable vegetable oil. Eco-friendly. Contains citonella which is a known mosquito repellant. lighting is also nice at night gatherings.  • 11/18/2010 • [224]

  • •  Our Utility Mats are made of recycled rubber and recycled plastic, mfg in Richmond, Indiana  • 03/05/2011 • [163]

  American Made ClothingClothing  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • New Balance Shoes •  New Balance manufacturers some running shoes that are Made in USA. To the best of my knowledge, New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer that believes that the American workforce produces the best quality products in the world and  • 01/12/2000 • [817]

  • Ewe Hoo Hats •  Handmade Montana-grown natural wool hats. Lined with polarfleece for no-itch comfort. Made for cold weather climates. Available in four styles: earflap, rolled brim, scotch cap and neck warmer. Plain wool or appliqued.  • 10/09/2007 • [163]

  • HopiWenSaks Native Clothing •  Native Inspired Mens, Womens Clothing. Experience the beauty of this impressive collection! A variety of fabrics, rich hand tooled details, custom fittings, these designs are timeless and irresistable.  • 11/24/2007 • [259]

  • Union made t-shirts, sweatshirts •  Hi, we are a union t-shirt manufacturing faciliity located in Pottstown, Pa. called Lifewear. We are in the Unite-Here! union local #1148. We make t-shirts for men, women, youth, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, underwear.  • 04/07/2008 • [351]

  • bags & accessories made from recycle billboard •  All billboards are sourced locally, cut locally, washed locally and sewn locally, reducing our carbon footprint dramatically. One-of-a kind, bags and accessories made from recycled, vintage & designer fabrics and recycled billboards.  • 09/30/2008 • [283]

  • Sierra Trading post •  This catalog company does a great job of stating where products are made with many great products made in USA. Product origin is more detailed then st  • 01/19/2009 • [179]

  • Simply You Custom Designs •  Simply You Custom Designs can enhance your team, school or organization logo by adding fiber optic led's in a lighted sequence that will make your logo look like it's never looked before. Having your logo in lights gives you instant  • 07/10/2010 • [148]

  • •  We produce alpaca products, which include finished alpaca wear, socks, hats, scarves, stoles. We also offer our signature line of yarn and roving called Surino as well as a nice assortment of dyed merino, silk, bamboo and other wonderful fiber confec  • 12/26/2010 • [165]

  • Kahava •  Kahava eliminates the worry of lost keys, spilled bags and bulging pockets with it's simplistic design. Kahava holds all cellphones, ipods, monetary items and even a small camera while you remain totally hands free and in motion. Water resistant so d  • 01/23/2011 • [179]

  • New England Shirt Company •  New England Shirt Company Fine shirtmakers. American-made and inspired clothing stitched by skilled seamstresses.  • 08/26/2011 • [195]

  • chohan racewear •  Dear, Chohan racewear Manufacturers in Sialkot Pakistan. Our Highly skilled and dedicated workforce ensures that Quality Control is adhered to with every step of production. Our customers are enjoying their market reputation and earning very handsome profit by selling our products. Chohan racewear good Quality Manufactures your related product F  • 10/11/2011 • [165]

  • Parker Legwear •  Parker Legwear makes Made in USA socks from eco-friendly recycled yarns, also made in the USA. Headquartered in Old Fort, NC, in 2011 we are proud to be the exclusive manufacturer, supplier and retailer of official Sierra Club socks. Visit us online to shop for our socks and learn about recycled yarns for eco-friendly sustainable clothes.  • 10/24/2011 • [184]

  American Made CollectablesCollectables  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Hearts Desire •  Hearts Desire is the manufacturer of beautiful ceramic art objects hand crafted and painted by skilled artisians with pieces ranging from dragon incense burners to totem pole lamps.  • 12/12/1997 • [360]

  • Longaberger Baskets •  All Longaberger Baskets are made in the USA. We take great pride in our history of American made Baskets, hand crafted by skilled artisans at our facility in Dresden, Ohio. Our Basket Sales, Pottery and Wrought Iron are beautiful additions to any home for storage solutions and home decor.  • 11/05/2005 • [335]

  • Rocky Shore Miniatures •  Offering unique handcrafted 1-inch scale dollhouse furniture and accessories including beds with bed spring and down-feather filled mattresses, Murphy  • 04/05/2008 • [279]

  • Lunaclaydesign Handmade Recycled •  About Lunaclaydesign! I sell unique pieces of art and art jewelry. My pieces are made from recycled and polymer clay pieces. I have carefully scavenged many sources and love creating new pieces.  • 11/15/2008 • [182]

  • FootWhere •  Wholesale pricing and information for "FootWhere" souvenirs. A product line of authentic location souvenirs that acknowledges where you've actually set foot in the U.S. Each embodiment contains the genuine soil of featured destination.  • 12/23/2010 • [190]


  American Made ComputersComputers  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Dish Network Satellite TV! •  Get a satellite TV system from Dish Network and up to four receivers installed free when you sign up for service. You will also get one month of free programming from Dish Network  • 07/21/2005 • [231]

  • Data Recovery Service •  Data Recovery Service by SalvageData to recover failed media and hard disk drive data.  • 04/12/2006 • [116]

  • Sound and Light Rental Concert Stage lighting •  Professional Sound and Light Rental Company rendering services for Concert Audio Rental, Sound Equipment Rentals, Sound and Lighting Rentals, Stage Lighting Rental throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. HireIT is a leader in Lights Hire  • 12/23/2009 • [119]

  • Sound and lighting Hire •  Sound Equipment Rentals. For Lighting Equipment Hire, Event Lighting Hire, Concert Audio Rental contact Computer Rentals  • 04/07/2010 • [115]

  • Systemax PC •  Systemax is committed to American quality. All configurations, off the shelf or customized systems are assembled and supported in Ohio.  • 09/29/2010 • [150]

  • MDB Password Recovery •  Access Password Recovery Software is in standalone application which doesnt require any third party involvement or skilled manpower for accessing all important passwords of MS-Access file/ database.  • 12/08/2010 • [161]

  • Laser Supplies & Services, Inc. •  Sales of U.S.A. made Remanufactured/Recycled toner cartridges for laser printer, copier & fax machines.  • 12/19/2010 • [155]

  • Online Pc support, online technical support •  At SupportMart user can get comprehensive tech support from certified technicians, highly skilled in providing computer support for repair, maintenance, available 24/7. Contact us at 1-800-793-7521.  • 04/28/2011 • [113]

  • Spartan System Solutions Inc •  Our computers, laptops and all in one pc's are assembled here in the USA using name brand components.  • 08/05/2011 • [136]

  American Made CraftsCrafts  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Greeting Cards, Journals and wall decor •  We have been hand constructing our line for 10 years here in California USAAll products are made with our original designs and feature one of a kind nostalgic themes. We use all recycled papers or wood.  • 01/19/2006 • [156]

  • Dabbledoos "Colorful Creations" •  Handcrafted, beaded Badge Holder and Eyeglass Necklaces, artisan jewelry, key ring bracelets, bookmarks, watches, and cellphone jewelry. Classic elegance in one-of-a-kind, original designs from the Heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  • 07/29/2006 • [166]

  • Leather Goods by Old School Leather Co. •  Handmade leather goods by Old School Leather Co. We specialize in traditional and retro style leather watch bands, tooled leather belts, wristbands, barrettes, and purses. Many or our Hand Made in USA leather goods can be personalized free.  • 05/18/2008 • [193]

  • Gallery presentation Photo binder •  Individually bench crafted in Maine, USA expressly for SendAFrame. Our Gallery presentation binder in soft black leather (filled) - picture frames and photo albums.  • 01/24/2009 • [108]

  • Studio Products •  Studio Products is your source for hard-to-find art materials. All paints and painting mediums from Studio Products are traditional, made by skilled American artisans in the USA.  • 03/02/2010 • [210]

  • Cream City Ribbon •  Cream City Ribbon is made of 100% cotton responsibly grown and dyed in the USA. It can be recycled or composted after use. Made in Milwaukee, WI.  • 04/22/2010 • [165]

  • Itty Bitty Bettys •  Handmade flower hair accessories from recycled or reclaimed fabrics and vintage jewlery findings. Beauty or bridal.  • 02/23/2011 • [137]

  • DStullsCreations •  We make a variety of crafts from beaded bracelets to PVC furniture. All are created and assembled in Gettysburg, PA. with American made supplies.  • 03/26/2011 • [131]

  • Iron On Denim Patches and Fabric Adhesive •  We make iron on denim patches that last several wash and dry cycles. We also sell our iron on film fabric adhesive for several applications such as; adhering scouting badges, creating custom designs, using recycled jean material to make unique looks.  • 09/06/2011 • [169]

  • KWL designs •  Hand made quilts, bags and art. All Made in the USA and most utilizing upcycled fabrics.  • 09/22/2011 • [152]

  • Gifts of Love Pottery •  Hand made pottery bowls and platters, recycled bottle art, pine needle baskets and supplies.  • 11/06/2011 • [133]

  American Made EducationEducation  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Native American Movies, Videos, Films, Native American Heritage •  Native American movies, videos and films about Native American Heritage! Our new video could have you enrolled in your tribe in 90 days  • 12/05/1998 • [325]

  • Arizona Defensive Driving School •  Arizona defensive driving school online offers convenient and cost effective online defensive driving course to enhances your driving knowledge, skill and increase safety of everyone.  • 02/20/2007 • [113]

  • CCWOFNC providing firearms instruction in NC •  North Carolina based NRA Certified Instructor & NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor provides NRA Basic Pistol & Concealed Carry instruction.  • 11/26/2009 • [81]

  • Hardship License Florida •  Hardship License Florida ( is given to those who have a suspended license (for habitual traffic offenses or receiving 12 points in 12 months on their driver records)and enrolled to Florida 12 Hour Traffic School course. Hardship l  • 02/24/2011 • [94]

  American Made ElectronicsElectronics  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Phantom Warrior Flashlights •  Low signature, NVG Secure, Color Accurate Flashlights for the US Military. Used by Infantry, Medics, SEALS SpecOps, JRTC OCs, USMC. Filtered Lights are Dangerous. Be a Phantom Warrior or Become a TARGET! American Made lighting Systems for American Troops!  • 05/01/1999 • [538]

  • Optoelectronics, Inc. Online •  frequency counters, near field test receivers, bug detectors, computer controlled radio scanning  • 12/10/1999 • [221]

  • Crowley and Tripp •  American designed, assembled and serviced microphones and professional audio recording devices, and transducers.  • 05/27/2005 • [215]

  • Dish Network Satellite TV! •  Get a satellite TV system from Dish Network and up to four receivers installed free when you sign up for service. You will also get one month of free programming from Dish Network  • 07/21/2005 • [231]

  • Amateur Radio Equipment •  Transcievers for amateur radio which are firmware upgradable. Commercial and military grade receivers, computer controlled SW receiver. Offer fabrication services. Based in Seiverville TN. In business for many years.  • 05/20/2006 • [298]

  • Photogenic Professional lighting Products •  Professional level photographic strobe lights and accessories used by professional and semi-professional photographers.  • 11/24/2007 • [134]

  • Smith-Victor Photography and Video Products •  Photographic and video lighting products and accessories used by amateur and semi-professional photographers and videographers.  • 11/24/2007 • [123]

  • Norman lighting •  Professional level photographic strobe lights and accessories used by professional photographers.  • 11/24/2007 • [122]

  • led Task Light •  100% made in USA LED Task Light, Great for illuminating under cabinets or work benches. Only 12 Watts and produces 780 lumens. Product warranty is for 7 years.  • 06/18/2009 • [319]

  • USB Classic Video Game Joysticks & kits •  USB enabled video game joysticks that bring back the original look and feel of video game controllers from the Atari days.  • 10/14/2009 • [143]

  • led Landscape lighting •  NC based manufacturer of Architectural "LED" Landscape Light Fixtures. High Quality, CNC Milled product. ReThink Lighting designs, manufactures and distributes innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting systems made with the best available sustainable lighting technology.  • 02/16/2010 • [362]

  • Staging Companies Florida •  Staging companies Florida - offers staging equipment rental, event staging, stage lighting, studio backdrops, drapes, backdrops, podium, rent podiums, wood podium, wireless lectern throughout newyork, florida, san diego, chicago, phylidalifia.  • 08/02/2010 • [108]

  • lighting Companies Maryland •  Lighting Companies Maryland - offers presenter lighting, set lighting, decor lighting, stage lights, event lighting, helps to enhance your meeting. we serve areas in Washington dc, virginia, baltimore, maryland.  • 08/04/2010 • [147]

  • led lighting Products & Laser Light Equipment •  LED RGB lighting Products for residential, commercial, & architectural uses. Laser Light Show projectors. Inflatable Movie Theater screens. Laser Billboard Advertising systems. Stage & Concert equipment.  • 11/06/2010 • www.LaserLightShow.Org [194]

  • AMK Speakers •  AMK Innovations, a manufacturer of high quality audio solutions, has now added several new lines of self amplified coaxial speaker systems to its wide line of popular installed-sound speaker products.  • 02/21/2011 • [120]

  • American Scientific lighting •  ASL is America's premier lighting manufacturer, dedicated exclusively to the production of GREEN lighting. The company's primary focus from initial design to final product is quality. Best of all, our fixtures are fabricated right here in the USA by American craftsmen insuring timely deliveries Currently ASL manufactures one of the larges  • 08/07/2011 • [236]

  • Silo USA Inc. •  Silo USA Inc. is proud to be making Televisions assembled in the United States, located in the heart of California. Silo features both LED amd LCD televisions. There are four series with 2 year warranty and lifetime technical support on all of the TVs.  • 08/30/2011 • [221]

  American Made Food-DrinkFood-Drink  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Lakeside Pickled Eggs •  Long Lake Pickled Foods. Farm fresh Wisconsin grade A eggs pickled to perfection. Available in hot or regular. Made in the USA's heartland.  • 01/09/2006 • [97]

  • vacuum sealers •  Growing food yourself has one downside; at harvest time you get too much food. An american made vacuum sealer will solve this problem by helping you store food in the freezer. You will find vacuum sealed food lasts longer and tastes better.  • 11/10/2008 • [336]

  • JK'S Organic Scrumpy Hard Cider •  Hard Cider that is made at Almar Orchard Flushing MI. Apples are grown, crushed, fermented and bottled on the farm. No Asian concentrate here. This is the greatest hard cider ever! From the fertile grounds of Flushing, Michigan comes this amazingly sweet, sublime apple experience.  • 11/23/2008 • [98]

  • H.K. Anderson Premium Pretzels •  H.K. Anderson, the exclusive bakers of Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets, Salty Stix, and Pretzel Balls. American Ingredients. Flavorful Snacks. Pure Enjoyment.  • 04/10/2009 • [98]

  • •  manufacture and sell 23 flavors of jellies, preserves, syrups, apple candy gift boxes. Applecandy, and our other dainty and delicious confections, are entirely different from ordinary candy and syrups because they are filled with actual fruit-sugars and other natural health-giving elements of ruddy sun-kissed apples and peaches.  • 11/05/2009 • [110]

  • JAVA & Co. Small Batch Recipes •  AVA & Co. Gourmet Syrups, Sweet Shoppe & Gifts. Featuring chef inspired, coffee infused specialty foods. Handmade in small batches. Our signature syrups have been called toppings, sauces, ingredient  • 01/07/2010 • [90]

  • Nestles Pure Life •  Nestles Pure Life Water. Nestles Pure Life water wants to eliminate 1 billion calories from American families' diets by swapping just one sugared drink per day for water. Take the Pledge.  • 02/05/2010 • [105]

  • Langlade Springs •  Custom labeled bottled spring water. Wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, business or personal. Bottles & labels made and filled in Polar, Wisconsin!  • 12/02/2010 • [112]

  American Made GiftsGifts  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Eiffel paper model kit •  Finely detailed Eiffel Tower 3D model from pre-cut silver coated cardboard. Available also other famous landmarks - the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Chrysler Building, Big Ben, Bank of China etc. Worldwide delivery. Order by pieces or themeatical sets.  • 11/30/2000 • [154]

  • ArtStreet, USA - A Gift Gallery: Jewelry & More •  ArtStreet, USA - A Gift Gallery: Providing a special arrangement of handcrafted gifts, including jewelry, lighting, handbags, figurines, keychains, candles, windchimes, baskets, earrings, bracelets, picture frames, clocks & more!  • 11/16/2004 • [140]

  • USA Basket Gifts - Corporate Christmas Gifts •  Hand made gift tower boxes, beautifully detailed, make up a Christmas Snowman and we have packed them with gourmet treats.  • 09/10/2005 • [386]

  • Handmade wood pen, bud vases and other wood crafts •  The Wooden Horse offers handmade wood pens and bud vases using a variety of exotic woods purchased from US suppliers. Many of the woods used are recycled or reclaimed. Other crafts are handmade using domestic and exotic woods where applicable.  • 12/10/2008 • [117]

  • Pale Chalcedony and Purple Pearl Necklace •  Chalcedony, purple freshwater pearls, gold filled chain. Gold filled lobster claw clasp. 15 1/2 - 17 inch adjustable.  • 04/13/2009 • [94]

  • earth to gert, earth friendly products, USA made •  These beautiful bags feature unique limited edition artist photographs. They are made in the U.S.A. with organic unbleached cotton and woven recycled  • 04/13/2009 • [128]


  • american custom leather •  American Custom Leather specializes in the creation of hand-tooled leather belts and guitar straps custom made for you. Our experience in this craft e  • 10/27/2009 • [135]

  • •  Eco friendly and recycled gifts that are made in the USA. Green products include furniture, decor, garden, pet and jewelry.  • 06/15/2010 • [89]

  • •  Our company Adirondack FireStone company makes a unique firelighter product 100% handcrafted in the USA. The product takes the hassle out of making a fire indoors or out. It eliminates the need for crumpled up newspaper or any other fire starting pro  • 06/22/2010 • [121]

  • Clarity Soap & Candles •  We make our own soaps candles and skincare products. We use recycled wax and recycled vintage containers. We make 90% of our own products and what we don't make we use local vendors.  • 01/01/2011 • [111]

  • Recycled Album Art Shop •  The Recycled Album Art Shop offers handcrafted album art coasters, wacky baskets and gift cards all created from unplayable and discarded music albums.  • 03/07/2011 • [102]

  • Travel Bag for bottled liquids & fragile items. •  Vinnibag is an inflatable/reusable bag for anything that might break or leak. Contents are suspended in an air cushion-protecting wine, spirits bottles, olive oil, figurines or several smaller items. Fits in suitcase/backpack. 100% made in USA!  • 04/14/2011 • [107]

  • Hunters and Gatherers - American-Made Treasures •  Fun, Funky, Unique store, FILled with handmade gifts from pottery to jewelry, photography, pet prints, cutting boards, moccasins, metal critters, watercolors, to Stetsons, animated spinners and vintage treasures. Located in the Heart of Brevard, Hunters & Gatherers opened in 2006 as the local shop that specialized in American-made creations  • 08/21/2011 • [130]

  • •  Over 1000 styles of thematic Novelty watches all designed, assembled and shipped here from Alpharetta, GA.  • 10/18/2011 • [114]

  American Made HardwareHardware  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • full spectrum lighting •  Hydro-Tech is the last grow-shop in the Seattle area to manufacture ballast enclosures and reflectors for high efficiency lighting. We also carry the Life Lights spinner, made in Oregon.  • 02/06/2006 • [251]

  • Handcrafted Gas Lanterns-Green/Sustainable •  exquisitely handcrafted copper gas and electric lighting products for residential/commercial projects.  • 10/12/2007 • [321]

  • led Task Light •  100% made in USA LED Task Light, Great for illuminating under cabinets or work benches. only 12 Watts and produces 780 lumens. Product warranty is for 7 years.  • 06/18/2009 • [319]

  • Fall River Mfg., Inc. •  Bolts, nuts, rivets and washers Stainless steel & nonferrous screws, nuts & bolts. Fall River Manufacturing is a leading domestic manufacturer of stainless steel and non-ferrous screws, bolts, and nuts. for almost two decades we have been providing top quality products and unparalleled service to the fastener industry.  • 07/26/2009 • [188]

  • SNOC lighting •  SNOC Lighting - Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Lighting Fixtures, Light Pole Base, Residential Mailboxes & House Plaques.  • 02/14/2011 • [134]

  • Chattahoochee Pencil Company •  The Chattahoochee Pencil manufactures graphite composite wood free writing instruments for the building/home improvement and art materials industries. All of their products are made in the USA and are assembled by handicapped/disabled workers.  • 03/28/2011 • [111]

  American Made HealthHealth  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Nightingale Home Healthcare Services •  Nightingale Home Healthcare offers a broad range of high quality home health care services delivered by qualified professionals with impeccable credentials. Registered Nurses provide skilled care at home for those who are ill or recovering from an illness or injury. We also offer personal care, help with bathing, and transfer assistance with the ac  • 09/12/2005 • [86]

  • Goat Milk Soap Bars •  The wild and scenic Oregon Coast is the home of Tickled Pink Enterprises. Here we handcraft fragrant and beautiful Goat Milk Soap Bars. Pasteurized goats milk is added to otherwise all botanical ingredients for a luxurious, moisturizing soap.  • 05/06/2008 • [91]

  • Zija powder smart drink mix •  Zija is an all natural nutrition supplement that gets it's nutrition from the miracle tree called Moringa Oleifera. It has over 90 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatorys, etc.  • 10/15/2009 • [98]

  • Nestles Pure Life •  Nestles Pure Life Water. Nestles Pure Life water wants to eliminate 1 billion calories from American families' diets by swapping just one sugared drink per day for water. Take the Pledge.  • 02/05/2010 • [105]

  • Community Discount Drug Card •  A new nationwide discount drug card program called the Community Discount Drug Card is now available to all US residents. The program, which is free to all, can provide savings of up to 65% on drugs. There are no restrictions, no income requirements,  • 08/12/2010 • [86]

  • •  We carry a brand of nursing scrubs called Scrub Ink, that are made in New York. Womens and Mens scrubs - unique photo scrubs - put your own photo on your scrub top! Other designs and solid colors available.  • 03/24/2011 • [102]

  • Numa Gel The Authentic Nuru Massage Gel •  Nori Fields Co was quickly born, initially offering the most popular name-brand Nuru Gel tailored to all nuru massage fans in the USA. Quickly our gel took place in markets around the world. Today we are the first company manufacture a NUru MAssage Gel in the USA with the best quality standards, called NUMA.  • 11/09/2011 • [92]

  American Made HobbiesHobbies  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Antique Billiard Tables •  Antique billiard tables and billiard table restoration. New and custom pool tables and antique billiard table reproductions made of rosewood, ash and cherry wood. We also carry pool table accessories including cues, cue racks, chalk and lighting.  • 09/30/2008 • [153]

  • radiocontrolfun •  Providing huge selection of radio controlled products and accessories, for your family entertainment. Affordable high quality RC cars, boats, airplanes and more at low prices.  • 05/20/2011 • [139]

  • Urban Garden Center •  We manufacture the Urban Compost Tumbler which is one of the few composters that is Made in America. In addition to being the most durable and effective composters on the market it is made all recycled plastic.  • 09/08/2011 • [103]

  American Made HomeHome  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Creative Alternatives For A Changing World •  Creative Alternatives For A Changing World shows you how to research and implement for yourself the many creative alternatives available in health, education, energy and agriculture that are currently ignored, ridiculed or condemned by world  • 03/20/1997 • [318]

  • lighting •  Floor torches, double pendants, single pendants, custom made, Vermont made brass lighting. Hubbardton Forge hand forged chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, shades, and end tables  • 03/23/1998 • [686]

  • Southwestern Wall Lights-Unique Ceramic Sconces •  Decorative wall lighting. Distinctive sand painted and glazed interior/exterior sconces.  • 12/09/1999 • [232]

  • custom wrought iron creations solid iron and aluminum cha... •  custom wrought iron tables, chairs, lamps, firescreens, sconces, railings, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, mirrors, hand made to your specifications in Manhattan Beach CA  • 04/18/2000 • [217]

  • Janus Roll Up Doors •  Commercial and Residential door sales, installation, and repair. Specializing in rollup doors and access controls. Aloha Doors also offers roof hatches and much more. Made and installed in the USA. Online product ordering available.  • 04/21/2005 • [199]

  • Tuned Wind Chimes •  Tuned wind chimes which reflect our commitment to people and the environment. Hand crafted, sustainably designed, quality instruments Made in the USA by a green company. Patented design for tone quality, recycled lumber strikers, and free shipping.  • 05/16/2005 • [143]

  • Marzi Sinks •  Studio makes custom, hand painted ceramic bathroom sinks from scratch in the US. Browse galleries of finished painted basins and installed sinks. Locate distributors throughout the US.  • 05/19/2005 • [147]

  • Craftsman Outdoor lighting •  Designs, manufactures and sells high quality indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. We offer a large selection of traditional, craftsman, mission, and arts and crafts style lights. All our lamps are hand made in the USA and built to order.  • 05/23/2005 • [275]

  • Cuddledown down comforters •  Each of the down filled products is made in a manufacturing facility in Portland, Maine, using the finest down and fabric materials available.  • 08/26/2005 • [147]

  • Brass lighting •  Handcrafted sconces, chandeliers, pendants, lanterns, lamps for residential and commercial applications. Compact flourescent. Vintage and Antique Lighting. Restoration services. Custom and contract lighting.  • 02/08/2006 • [240]

  • LazLight •  This lamp is in a class by itself both in perfomance and quality it is not mass produced it's made in a shop not a factory.You can also find me under made in the USA reading lamp on most search engines it's called high perfomance reading and task lamp Thank Ronnie Lazarus  • 01/04/2007 • [204]

  • Millennium Modular Tiled Flooring •  Millennium Modular offers a variety of different flooring options. Products include Active Tiles, Carpet Tiles, Garage and Drain Tiles, and Team Tiles. All of these products are Do-It-Yourself projects and require NO Professionals!  • 10/22/2007 • [200]

  • Scottsdale Art Factory •  We are the largest handmade in America furniture, door, lighting and hardware manufacturer in America. We specialize in high end artistic furnishings. this is our ninth decade of handcrafting our products in Scottsdale Arizona. We have trained this work force through our old fashioned apprentice system.  • 12/05/2007 • [357]

  • Home Decor, Furniture, Food, & more •  Bonham Brothers, Shopping on the Road Less Traveled - Bonham Brothers carries only products hand crafted or manufactured in the United States. Select from a wide variety of furniture, textiles, home decor items and food stuffs.  • 03/03/2008 • [153]

  • Amish Made Outdoor Furniture •  Amish Made Outdoor Patio Tables and Chairs @, an Ohio-based company, offers top quality outdoor wood and poly lumber (100% recycled milk cartons) outdoor furniture and lawn decor, and gazebos made with the finest materials by the Amish in Ohio. 100% made in U.S.A.  • 03/19/2008 • [158]

  • Soy Candles made with solar energy! •  Handcrafted soy candles made with aromatherapy organic essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils. Mom made in the USA, using 100% solar power and 100% recycled containers.  • 01/25/2009 • [261]

  • Polly Products LLC •  All of our products are manufactured using recycled plastic from the USA. Benches, tables, bench parts all manufactured in Mulliken, MI  • 03/25/2009 • [111]

  • SEAled LED GARAGE LIGHT •  100% sealed 100% made in USA Garage light. Our UL approved sealed Low bays come in three models. Get rid of the Overseas Mecury bombs and buy one of our 100% recyclable LED garage Fixtures  • 06/18/2009 • [319]

  • Copper Gas & Electril Lights •  Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights has manufactured traditional and antique lighting in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter since 1945. Bevolo's skil  • 10/05/2009 • [115]

  • •  Hand crafted lighting, range hoods, farmhouse sinks and more. All products are proudly made in Austin, TX.  • 10/22/2009 • [237]

  • White Board Zone •  White Board Zone is the manufacturer of shaped white boards. Materials are made in the USA then manufacturer and assembled in the USA.  • 02/12/2010 • [118]

  • •  Austin Air air purifiers are proudly made in the USA. Engineered, manufactured and assembled in upstate New York, Austin air purifiers are a leader in indoor air filtration. Austin Air purifiers feature true, medical-grade HEPA filters.  • 03/30/2010 • [74]

  • Primitive, Amish & Christian Decor •  Primitive Dcor offers Primitive, Amish, Chrisian and Rustic Home Dcor such as Handmade Amish Baskets, Treenware, Early American lighting, and Barnstars.  • 06/01/2010 • [117]

  • Solar Attic Fan Headquarters •  Detailed home solar attic fan information and reviews.  • 10/20/2010 • [169]

  • Sun-Born Energy LLC •  Specializing in Alternate Energy Systems for: Homes, Cabins and Cottages, Hunting, Lodges, Remote Power, Emergency lighting, Backup Power, Ham and CB Radio Power and Cell Phone Charging.  • 10/28/2010 • [180]

  • Texas OnBoard •  Best Little Birdhouse in Texas, handmade garden art from reclaimed & recycled materials. "Earth & Critter Friendlyz'  • 12/09/2010 • [142]

  • The Online Greenhouse •  All of the products featured on our website are made in New England, USA. Many of them come from sustainable resources. At The Online Greenhouse we are committed to provide the knowledge and resources to both home gardeners and professional growers n  • 12/10/2010 • [127]

  • Moose Emporium Primitive Stenciled Sighns •  Moose Emporium offers many outstanding quality handcrafted in America items that you will love, and we bring our vast collection of country decor and primitive décor right into your home.  • 12/20/2010 • [192]

  • Olympic Holiday lighting •  Fabricator of Custom, Holiday and Novelty rope light and lighting displays, Olympic Holiday Lighting designs and hand crafts all of its displays here in the USA using only the finest selection of materials including the best incandescent and led rope  • 01/03/2011 • [133]

  • ECORONDACK •  Maintenance free outdoor furniture made from RECYCled MILK JUGS ! Amish crafted.  • 01/09/2011 • [117]

  • GroPole •  Only fully adjustable plant stake called the GroPole. Adjusts from 24" to 60" tall in 5" increments. Strong ABS plastic with UV protection for many years of use. Built in notches to hold plant ties securely.  • 02/25/2011 • [99]

  • Bean Bag Chairs •  Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs are the most comfortable foam filled bean bags available. You're guaranteed to love the Ultimate Sack! These large bean bags can be highly stylish for your main living area or they can be fun and colorful for play areas.  • 03/03/2011 • [114]

  • Chestnut Specialiists, Inc. NOTE BELOW •  Custom-milled antique oak, chestnut, and pine flooring from reclaimed timber. Weathered siding and barn beams also available. Made in USA.  • 03/08/2011 • [106]

  • Wild-Poppies • sells products sustainably made in the USA. Home accessories, jewelry, toys, and more. All products are either recycled, organically grown, locally produced, or responsibly made by US artisans and/or US green businesses.  • 03/28/2011 • [113]

  • Heritage Metalworks, "Handcrafted in the USA" •  Heritage Metalworks designs, creates and reproduces high-quality custom and elite lighting, hardware, gates and railings using old world techniques. Their clients are architects, interior designers, builders and discriminating homeowners.  • 03/29/2011 • [147]

  • BB's Custom Woodworks •  Hand milled wood products, Roll-Top Breadboxes, Picture Frames, Shadow Boxes, Bowls  • 04/10/2011 • [125]

  • Langhorne Carpet Company •  Langhorne Carpet artisans meticulously weave America's most luxurious and cherished Wilton carpet from the finest wools. Established in 1930, every Langhorne carpet is a labor of love deftly defined by unequaled quality and superior craftsmanship.  • 05/11/2011 • [108]

  • shaw living •  Bought some area rugs today made by Shaw. Made in the U.S.A. and made from recycled PET bottles. Called Clear Touch Rugs. I bought mine at Meijer's in Kentucky for $12.99 each. 30x46 and 21x60. Who says buying made in the U.S.A. is more expensive?  • 06/13/2011 • [133]

  • Rugs By Tena •  Handwoven area rag rugs using 95% recycled materials.  • 07/10/2011 • [117]

  • Sarah's Hat Boxes •  Manufacture and sale of fabric covered boxes. Using recycled chipboard and non-toxic adhesives. Hat boxes, gift boxes, store diplay, special occasion, knitting, wine boxes, specialty packaging. Made in New Hampshire by a family owned and operated company. No job too large or too small.  • 08/07/2011 • [107]

  • Freedom Flag Lights •  Designed and developed in Ansonia CT. My Freedom Flag Lights are made of cast aluminum and powder coated in a variety of colors with powerful leds. They are made in USA and sold as complete kits. Unfortunately there are two small electronic components installed in each Flag Light that are made outside the USA simply because they are not availble  • 08/14/2011 • [124]

  • Kangalog - The hands free firewood carrier •  Kangalog is a handmade green product that allows anyone to carry their firewood while allowing free hands to open doors and turn on lights. No wheels to drag up stairs. This has been called "the easiest firewood carrier ever".  • 09/01/2011 • [120]

  • Fine Art Tapestries •  Wall Décor company weaving fresh & timeless high quality woven art.Our woven tapestries are inspired by devoted artists worldwide & woven by skilled American textile craftsman. Fine Art Tapestries weaves each design inch by inch, line by line, on enormous Jacquard Looms from Europe then carefully hand finishes each and every piece of ar  • 09/02/2011 • [105]

  • Holiday Light Hooks •  Holiday Light Hooks that are permanently installed on your house  • 11/02/2011 • [106]

  • Barrelly Made It •  Artisan Gustaf Rooth and his crew of American craftsmen repurpose and reuse American wine barrells into chairs that have been called functional art pieces.  • 11/05/2011 • [120]

  • Anew BackYard •  5/4 Gorgeous Cedar wood, Stainless Steel hardware, glued, and Sealed or Painted any color Outdoor Furniture. Pergola Kits any size. Handcrafted to last a Lifetime  • 11/14/2011 • [128]

  American Made IndustrialIndustrial  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Phantom Products Military lighting •  NVG Secure, color accurate, highly efficient lighting for individual users, military vehicles, aircraft, landing zones, tents/TOCs used by SpecOps, JRTC OCs, USMC, Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Medics. American Made for American Troops! 888-533-4968  • 05/01/1999 • [170]

  • aluminium air-atomized powdersand ball milled powders, an... •  SME PYRO CHEMICALS PRIVATE LIMITED The powder products supplied by SME PYROconsist of aluminium air-atomized powders and ball milled powders, and magnesium powders. The range of their applications is very wide: paintings, explosives, incendiaries, f  • 12/05/1999 • [88]

  • Potter Art Metal Studios High End All Custom Ironwork •  We are an all custom metal manufacturer, working in a wide variety of metals and products. Since we build everything custom, to order, we have no standard product line. One of our major specialties is lighting, electric and gas. As we have been in business in excess of 85 years, by the same family, We have a large amount of resources available in o  • 01/17/2007 • [99]

  • Custom Wires and Cables •  Custom Cables for Medical, lighting, Audio, Video, Data, and many other end use applications  • 08/09/2007 • [256]

  • Residential & Commercial Green, Sustainable, Gas Copper lighting •  Leading producer of USA manufactured copper gas and electric lighting products - inspired by history, green by design. Lanterns, posts, brackets, etc.  • 10/12/2007 • [321]

  • Drinking Fountains, hydrants, steel buildings •  Manufactured from cast in the USA metals, our drinking fountains and hydrants can also be called "green" because only yesterday, that fountain base was probably an engine block! We have built our products in Cincinnati, OH since 1853 and have the fifth generation of the Murdock family at the helm. You'll find our fountains and hydran  • 11/21/2007 • [76]

  • remote control spotlights, wide area lights •  K&H Industries designs, manufactureres and services its temporary lighting and power products in it in its New York State facilities. K&H Indu  • 02/03/2009 • [111]

  • Relume led Light Engines •  Relume LED light engines are the only LED light engines 100% made in the USA. These are built in a state of the art factory in MI. Even our LEDs must come from an American Factory!!  • 06/18/2009 • [319]

  • led Task Light •  This highly durable waterproof LED task light will deliver 100, 000 hours of continual use without ever changing a bulb or becoming too hot to touch. 100% manufactured and assembled in sunny Arizona.  • 10/14/2009 • [120]

  • Coast Wire & Plastic Tech., Inc. •  Custom Wires and Cables for Medical, Automation & Robotics, Sensing, Stage lighting, Audio, Video, and virtually any end use need  • 01/08/2010 • [256]

  • Fluke Test Equipment •  Fluke is an electronics test equipment manufacturer based out of Everett, WA. Best known for multi-meters, but carrying an assortment of test equipment. Note that NOT ALL ITEMS are manufactured in the USA, but items that are, are clearly labeled.  • 07/18/2010 • [102]

  • •  Green lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  • 08/17/2010 • [156]

  • •  With over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, Optimum Lighting has set the standard in the design and manufacturing of energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Our state of the art technology enables us to offer the highest quality lighting s  • 08/18/2010 • [109]

  • Avanti •  PPSB Nonwoven Fabric manufacturer. Polypropylene Spunbond rolled goods, landscaping, weed barrier, mattress, bedding, filtration, automotive, backing  • 03/18/2011 • [91]

  • Electrodepot •  Manufacturer of Industrial Wireless Controls, long range remote controls, for pump controls, lighting, process, irrigation  • 04/21/2011 • [133]

  • Primelite Manufacturing •  We've been selling residential and commercial lighting fixtures to lighting distributors since 1962. We have a distributor locator on the website and an online lighting store.  • 05/09/2011 • [118]

  • Chicago Custom Metal Fabrication •  National Metal Fabricators custom metal fabrication company located near Chicago. We specialize in rolled angle rings, bar milling, press brake forming, and metal shearing.  • 05/19/2011 • [94]

  • L.A. lighting Manufacturing •  Designers and manufacturers of commercial, industrial, institutional and custom energy efficient fluorescent and led lighting fixtures. We market to contractors, distributors, architects engineers and end users. We sell exclusively through electrical distributors. All of our products are manufactured in El Monte, California, USA. Made in the USA  • 09/12/2011 • [123]

  • Avon Fasteners Manufacturers Exporters India Chand •  Avon Industrial Corporation India: manufacturing Bifurcated Rivets, Fasteners, Self Tapping Screws, Eyelets, Stainless Steel Machine Screws, Split Rivets, Hollow Rivets, Solid Rivets, SS Screws, Mild Steel Screws, MS Wire, Galvanised Steel Wire, Nuts and Bolts, Stainless Steel Bolts, Stainless Steel Washers, Ss Bolts, Annealed Wire since last 30  • 09/29/2011 • [103]

  • BD Loops - Preformed Inductance Loops •  BD Loops is a manufacturer of preformed inductance loops (vehicle detection devices) We are the largest supplier of preformed loops to the gate, door, and parking market. We've been in business for over 10 years, the quality of our products are unparalleled.  • 10/12/2011 • [80]

  American Made InternetInternet  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Software •  There may now be a way for your small business to build tightly coupled GPS/INS systems. A new approach and associated software simplifies the task.  • 08/02/1997 • [77]

  • Web Site Design •  Professional site design. Tired of mediocre work billed at astronomical rates? Visit us. Our complete, reasonably-priced solutions can include graphics, forms, secure or normal web hosting and much more. Ask about our no-nonsense graphics policy: most g  • 04/06/1998 • [116]

  American Made KidsKids  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Woolagins for Hooligans •  Wool pants for babies, made of recycled wool sweaters. Wool is soft and absorbent, self cleaning, and breathable. Excellent as cloth diaper covers.  • 06/06/2008 • [63]

  • Kids Social Networking Website •  KidzRocket features a safe, parent controlled social networking for kids and pre-teens. This website will allow members to chat, share photos and video chat with their approved friends in a safe place on the internet.  • 12/28/2009 • [75]

  • Best Price Toys •  Offer custom made sleeping bags are made in Ohio & Georgia. We offer recycled kids tire swings proudly made in the USA along with kid sizes upholstered chairs and sofas. Our Dirt King tricycles are American made too!  • 03/06/2011 • [110]

  American Made KitchenKitchen  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Coasters, Serving Trays, Trivets, more •  We offer Ceramic coaster sets, tiled serving trays, ceramic trivets, cutting boards, and decorative mugs, all made by Highland Graphics in Tennessee. Look for the made in the USA symbol  • 12/13/2004 • [450]

  • The Cheese Knife •  The Cheese Knife is made of a revolutionary new material that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife. Originally designed as a soft-cheese knife, the technology also works with butter, fois gras, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically leaves a residue on ordinary blades.  • 10/09/2006 • [248]

  • PureCool Water Filter for Water Coolers & Crocks •  PureCool allows you to Make Your Own Bottled Water. One PureCool provides 28 5-gallon bottles of fresh, healthy Drinking Water at up to 90% Savings over bottled water. It's Good for You and Mother Earth too!  • 11/16/2007 • [225]

  • BAZZEO •  Bazzo kitchens are produced in the USA using recycled and regenerated wood from certified resources as well as the use of non-toxic laminates, alumin  • 10/02/2008 • [229]

  • FIESTA WARE; U.S.POSTAGE STAMPS, RECYCled ITEMS •  I sell Homer Laughlin First Quality Fiesta Ware Dishes, US Gold and Silver Proofs and Coins, Recycled Glas Suncatchers, Oranaments, Pendants and Decor made by a Non-Profit Org., US Postage Stamps and more.  • 10/14/2008 • [159]

  • Texas Lightsmith •  Fine Custom Craftsmen of Copper, Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver and Pewter; for Chandeliers, lighting, Range Hoods, Farmhouse Sinks, and more.  • 02/17/2010 • [237]

  • Country Freezer Amish Made ice cream makers •  Amish built products. Hand crank ice cream freezers, Hit and miss engines, powdered Amish ice cream mix, Amish made sleds and wagons.  • 03/09/2011 • [133]

  • •  High quality fashion, retro styled aprons for women and kids. Made with love in the USA. Follow us on  • 08/11/2011 • [90]

  • New England Stoppers . Com •  We repurpose antique door knobs, billiard balls into wine stoppers. All of our components are manufactured here in the US including our stainless steel stopper. The antique door knobs are restored and assembled in Connecticut  • 09/28/2011 • [126]

  American Made MiscellaneousMiscellaneous  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Plant-Tonic •  Chemical-Free Plant Food, blended and bottled in the USA! Mineral rich Plant-Tonic will not burn even seedlings! Extremely successful with Corn and Soy Beans, Grapes, Peas, and Tomatoes. Proven with orchid growers! Safe around pets!  • 03/30/2009 • [172]

  • Stashable Storage Tube •  A protective storage device designed to be conveniently concealed. An item that cannot be found, cannot be taken. $9.99  • 10/01/2009 • [162]

  • Amega Mounts •  Easily installed Picatinny/Weaver rail for mounting tactical light mount kits, pistol scopes, holo sights on Mini-14 (new & older barrels), Mini-30, Remington 870, M1 Carbine, M14-M1A, M1 Garand, 10-22 Rifles. The BEST QUALITY rail available !!  • 10/19/2009 • [186]

  • Richardson Allen •  Richardson-Allen outdoor furniture is made on the southern coast of Maine by a group of skilled artisans. It is built from fine hardwoods, completely by hand. Our unsurpassed workmanship will readily endure high traffic use as a result of the diligen  • 12/31/2010 • [156]

  • All American Store •  The All American Store sells only products that are made or assembled in the United States. This website is dedicated to the American worker, their families, the communities in which they live and the United States of America.  • 01/19/2011 • [181]

  • River Soap Company •  River Soaps are long lasting, triple milled soap made with the finest natural ingredients in the USA  • 02/18/2011 • [127]

  • Doug Fleenor Design •  lighting control products, theatrical controls, entertainment lighting, dimmers, splitters, mergers, converters, led power supplies  • 03/04/2011 • [132]

  • •  We offer custom UL listed lighting and architectural metals for hospitality and residential markets. We cast and fabricate bronze, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and copper.  • 03/04/2011 • [138]

  • •  Natural & Organic Bedding & Home Furnishings, Handcrafted in the USA. Retail and Wholesale. As a company, we are devoted to taking care of our customers, our employees and our planet. We are a small business with skilled and creative artisans  • 03/14/2011 • [151]

  • Don Rand Designs •  Handmade in Montana. Elk ivory & wildlife jewelry. Use your elk ivory or ours. All jewelry made from 100% recycled metal.  • 04/22/2011 • [145]

  • Spartan Blades •  Spartan Blades, a veteran / service disabled-owned company, delivers a knife that will provide you years of faithful service in the harshest environments, all while maintaining its edge and strength of design. Made in North Carolina, USA.  • 05/24/2011 • [169]

  • •  Made in USA a hanging plant hanger that is rotatable 360 degrees. Made from recycled nylon. User has ease of watering, turning plant to the sun and deadheading. No more having to lift the plant to turn it - just rotate it!!  • 07/27/2011 • [131]

  • arslan 3g •  Networks - Grab a hold of this software, one time payment and send your URL to all networks once a day. Anybody who wants to tap in and gain TRAFFIC that is not recyled or used can do so with this software we called "TRAFFIC ADSERVER.  • 08/22/2011 • [230]

  • Bedrock Industries •  Tile made from 100% recycled glass  • 10/14/2011 • [122]

  • Elizabeth Laine Custom Made Leather Handbags •  Elizabeth Laine offers ready to wear or custom made leather handbags. All handbags are made in America by skilled craftsmen. We carry a wide range of exclusive styles including tote handbags, clutch purses, hobo handbags, fanny packs & satchel handbags. The collection has a touch of femininity, function & style for women of all ages.  • 10/30/2011 • [170]

  • Barn on the web - Home of RJ's QTs •  I sell yarn and roving that is milled in the USA and comes from the backs of animals that live in the USA and eat grain and hay grown by American farmers.  • 10/30/2011 • [118]

  • TURF-N THE WORLD •  We are a 100%American made turf. Don't be fooled by companies that bring parts in from all over the world, assemble them in America and call it American made. You want a true American made product give us a call. That is why we have a 20 year warranty and no one else does.  • 11/09/2011 • [130]

  American Made MusicMusic  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Pimentel & Sons Guitar makers •  handcrafted custom guitars that are world renowned. The intimacy of these stringed instruments reflects the careful transfer of craft knowledge across  • 02/20/2010 • [71]

  American Made PetsPets  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Pet Portraits Detailed & Realistic American Artist •  Pet Portraits - incredibly detailed & realistic with a splash of Impressionism. All hand painted from your photos in professional colored pencil.  • 11/10/2009 • [90]

  • Glenda Harlan •  Pet art and gifts. Breed note cards, pendants, tile coasters, giclee prints, and custom portraits. Art is representational, detailed drawings of dogs and horses.  • 09/13/2010 • [81]

  • bio-buddy, reducing your pet's carbon paw-print •  A selection of earth friendly dog waste pick up bags ranging from recycled/degradable plastic to renewable biodegradable/compostable materials. Custom printing available.  • 03/11/2011 • [91]

  American Made ServicesServices  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Astrology Services, Compatibility Reports, Charts •  Can this love last? Are you matched? The Love Match Report: detailed analysis for long-term relationships. Shows your love needs, strengths, weaknesses, and love rating. For singles, married, engaged. Astrology charts calculated by Astrologer, Pamela Fo  • 03/21/1999 • [118]

  • Skin care products •  Natural skin treatment with antioxidant rich botanicals, and organic, anti-aging ingredients to treat sensitive skins. Helps acne, allergic, dry, oily, and troubled skins. Talc-free, dye-free, perfume-free, PABA free and lanolin-free. Not available in stores.  • 10/28/2007 • [117]

  • Well Water Location Services •  NGS provides well water location services for those preparing to drill a water well. Before you go to the significant expense of have a water well drilled, we can help you determine the approximate depth and yield before you drill.  • 10/22/2009 • [82]

  • Kettle Creek Corp./Windsor Barrel Works •  We manufacture recycling/litter receptacles for parks, municipalities, offices, universities, schools, etc. using recycled plastic lumber and aluminum - all made in the USA in Pennsylvania, in an old country barn.  • 03/09/2011 • [73]

  American Made SportsSports  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Texas Turf Supplies •  Quality Horse Racing Equipment. Custom made Western saddles. Handtooled Leathergoods. Leathergoods to Last a Lifetime. Home of the Say No to Crack Custom Suspenders.  • 05/03/1997 • [180]

  • Super Puck •  The Super Puck is hollow hockey puck made of a high tech plastic that allows it to be flexible over a wide range of temperatures. The puck is filled with plastic beads that give the puck a low center of gravity.This allows the puck to hug the ground and  • 06/10/1999 • [160]

  • Booger Safety Retrieval Accessory •  The Booger safetey retrieval tool is pocket-sized and light-weight, but will quickly pick up dropped items up to 30#, even bottled water. The patented spring action is easily set.  • 08/28/2007 • [86]

  • Amega Mounts •  Easily installed Picatinny/Weaver rail for mounting tactical light mount kits, pistol scopes, holo sights on Mini-14 (new & older barrels), Mini-30, Remington 870, M1 Carbine, M14-M1A, M1 Garand, 10-22 Rifles. The BEST QUALITY rail available !!  • 10/19/2009 • [186]

  • Kicksleds USA •  Scandinavian Style Kicksleds made in Michigan's Upper Peninsula  • 12/01/2009 • [91]

  • Concept Archery •  We pride ourselves with manufacturing top quality, 99% let off, compound bows from the best materials available, ALL of which are produced and assembled in the United States of America.  • 12/09/2009 • [158]

  • LearnBaseball.US - Baseball DVD's •  As experienced professional baseball scouts, we want to share our knowledge of the game of baseball with players, parents, and coaches to help improve the level of play in the United States and throughout the world.  • 05/09/2010 • [89]

  • feathered friends down products •  Sleeping bags, jackets, vests, pants, and booties; all filled with 850 fill power goose down. We feature over 45 models of sleeping bags and garments from 40 degrees F to -60 degrees F for campers, mountaineers and military. Luxurious down comforters  • 07/05/2010 • [138]

  • AngelCat Industries home page •  Website show pictures of an ergonomic hiking stick called the Ergo Trekker. Also the story behind the developement of the product is given. A hyperlink to my godaddy market place store is embedded in the story.  • 08/15/2010 • [89]

  • Liberty Bottleworks •  The only metal water bottles made in the USA. Made of recycled materials, and BPA-free.  • 06/10/2011 • [106]

  • Brigade GunLeather •  Brigade Gun Holsters and holster accessories. We specialize in leather holsters and gun holsters, western holsters and concealed carry holsters  • 08/04/2011 • [89]

  • chohan racewear •  Dear, Chohan racewear Manufacturers in Sialkot Pakistan. Our Highly skilled and dedicated workforce ensures that Quality Control is adhered to with every step of production. Our customers are enjoying their market reputation and earning very handsome profit by selling our products. Chohan racewear good Quality Manufactures your related product F  • 10/11/2011 • [165]

  • Soroc Sports Sled •  Multi purpose heavy duty poly sports sleds and accessories made in Michigan.  • 11/08/2011 • [74]

  American Made ToolsTools  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • WheelAround Lawn Garden Cart •  The most versatile all steel lawn, garden and utility cart on the market. Easy on back and knees as it is pulled. Use with or without a container. Three wheeled design makes it extremely stable. Hangs on wall for storage. Portable. 250 pound capacity. B  • 02/24/1999 • [247]

  • The Bone Creeper •  Big wheeled mechanics creepers that are 100% American made! Rolls over the competition!  • 03/04/2009 • [144]

  • Enviromo...more than a name, it's a CONCEPT! •  After years of digging by hand or renting a sod-cutter to install sod I remembered seeing a yard mowed with the blade installed upside down! The owner  • 12/13/2009 • [109]

  • •  The home of the Accu-Strap Product Line. The only PVC precision liquid level gauging instrument that can be called unbreakable, chemically resistant and also carries a limited one year replacement warranty.  • 04/02/2010 • [115]

  • Origin Laser Tools •  The world's finest laser tools for the construction industry: designed, manufactured, and assembled in America.  • 03/30/2011 • [120]

  American Made ToysToys  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Anagramania •  Anagramania is an exciting new board game based on the ancient art of 'anagramming'. Players race each other to solve unique clues and advance their pieces towards the center of the board. Each clue contains one or more highlighted words whose letters can be scrambled to form a single word (an 'anagram') that solves the clue. Th  • 01/08/2006 • [331]

  • Bitsy Birdie - Eco-Organic Fine Toys •  Start young. Grow green. See our Made in the USA section for eco-conscious toys made in the USA. Reasonably priced, finely crafted, and fabulously styled.  • 05/14/2008 • [184]

  • Childs wooden block wagon •  All hardwood. Filled with smoothly sanded blocks of all shapes and sizes. Strong enough to ride on.  • 10/17/2008 • [116]

  • Great Stuff For Kids American Made Toys •  Our Toys are American Made, Safe and Non-Toxic. "Our made in the USA" toys are fun and educational. All of our designs are produced by skilled craftsm  • 11/18/2008 • [179]

  • Beka, Inc. - Creative Play Products •  Creative play products made in Minnesota using sustainable & local hard maple! Beka's family owned woodshop has been delighting families since 197  • 02/05/2010 • [154]

  • Animal Matters •  Our children's game, Fur & Feathers, was invented, illustrated, printed, assembled and safety tested in the USA. It is excellent quality and of the highest educational value. This is an educational children's boardgame that focuses on being kind to pets, fun facts about farm animals and more!  • 10/21/2011 • [134]

  American Made WomenWomen  Made in USA: 'led+lighting' Made in USA
  • Tote Bags of Recycled Plastic Bottle Fabric •  Stylish EDEN tote bags use a USA polyester fiber created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles coordinated with USA cotton prints for color and sophistication. Square bottom bags that compact, roll and secure for storage.  • 11/19/2009 • [116]

  • by / natalie frigo •  Natalie Frigo's jewelry is offered in a limited edition of 30. Her work is designed, cast and assembled in New York City; all casted metals are 100% recycled and all stones are guaranteed conflict free.  • 04/11/2011 • [88]

  • CZ Luxe •  Luxe your body! Made in the USA! Artisan created couture beauty. Composed with the finest exotic ingredients. Packaging is recycled & recyclable, and some of our soaps wrappers are able to grow delicious edible herbs when planted!  • 06/21/2011 • [98]

  • DejaReViewGreenArts - an artisan shop •  This shop's MISSION is to promote sustainability by designing and making every "eco-conscious creation" using only repurposed, recycled, reclaimed resources and materials - offering one-of-a-kind items, occasional limited runs, and custom projects. Absolutely every re-purposed/up-cycled "eco-creation" is Made in USA in The ...  • 10/17/2011 • [45]

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